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本文摘要:无论谁讲到的,显而易见有些道理!01 Find the right place to gain as much experience as possible in the shortest amount of time. This may mean a hot-shop independent agency, a large multinational or hopping jobs every 2 years depending on the available opti


无论谁讲到的,显而易见有些道理!01 Find the right place to gain as much experience as possible in the shortest amount of time. This may mean a hot-shop independent agency, a large multinational or hopping jobs every 2 years depending on the available options you may have. 找寻一个适合你的地区,认真学习,在尽可能较短的時间内谋取获得尽可能多的工作经验。这有可能意味著,去趋之若鹜的独资公司,大的跨国公司,或是2年弹跳一次槽全是你可列举的选择项。02 Work somewhere that’s worthy of your time and talent. Don’t settle for any job. 去一个有一点你成本時间和聪慧的地区工作中,不必局限于一个岗位,一份工作中。

03 Put more effort into your job than expected and do it cheerfully. 在你的岗位上要去花上比预估更强的时间去刻苦钻研,而且无趣地工作中。04 Become the most positive and enthusiastic adman in the agency. 沦落企业较大 力最激情的广告策划。05 Be forgiving of yourself and others. We’re humans and we make mistakes even when we only have good intentions. Don’t allow such mistakes make you lose sight of long term goals. 要懂宽容自身和别人。

我们都是平常人,即便 一些情况下大家的立足点是好的,也不会罪一些不正确。不必让这种不正确危害你的长时间整体规划。06 Be generous with your contributions to the team’s work. Do not try to take credit for every idea you came up with. 精英团队运行的情况下要认真,不必把每一个要想出去的好点子都归功于自身。

07 Persistence, persistence, persistence. Great work never just falls into your lap. You need to work for it, refine it, perfect it. 果断,果断,再作果断。好的著作从并不是无故而叛,你务必为它用心,大大的地改进它,完善它。08 If you clearly see you’re going into the wrong direction with your strategy do not be afraid to stop and rethink everything even if it means you have to start everything from scratch. 假如你很准确地意识到再回头了一条与自身整体规划相符合的路面,不必畏惧停住慎重考虑它。

虽然这意味著你需要煞费苦心将一切新的起点。09 Discipline yourself to save money on even a modest salary. This will give you the freedom to change jobs when things go bad and will allow you to take meaningful holidays that refresh your mind and body. 要培养自身挣钱的能力,即便 你的工资很过日子。那样的话在遇到一些很差的事情、你务必跳槽的情况下有充裕的能力和支配权去寻求帮助他们,或是有时去度个骗,来放宽自身的心身。10 Commit yourself to constant improvement. Technology and the industry is developing really fast. You have to keep up. 要保证 自身依然在转型。

高新科技和领域的发展趋势都很迅速,你必必须紧跟他们的脚步。11 Commit yourself to quality. Do not ever settle for something less than your outmost best. Perfect your work till time allows. 要竭尽全力推广到工作上,让自身有质的发展。不必一直将眼光停留在一些自身没保证担任的事情上,在時间允许的状况下来完善他们。

12 Your professional happiness isn’t based on the number of awards or how much you make, but on the relationships you have with your colleagues and clients. Treat them with respect. 你的职业体验并并不是靠你得了是多少奖来获得,只是你同事也有顾客的关联如何。和她们办事的情况下要青睐、认可她们。13 Be loyal to your clients and your agency. It will be appreciated even by the competition. 对你的顾客和企业要忠诚,它是很为人正直赞誉的质量,即便 是在市场竞争之中。14 Be honest with your work. Never lie or mislead the consumer. If you do you will feel miserable about your profession. 要有真心实意这一岗位诚实守信,总有一天不必骗子公司或是欺诈你的顾客。

假如你那样保证了,你肯定不会找到你工作中职业生涯不容易很痛苦。15 Be a self-starter. If you identify an idea take charge and go for it. 如果你确定了一个自主创新,而且要对接它接下去的一切以后,要让自身沦落一个全自动的柴油发动机源源不绝地创设使用价值。

16 Do not blame others. If youre’ unhappy about something take the initiative to change instead of whining about it. 不必斥责他人。假如你为一些事情闹心,要积极地进行自我调整,而不是一味地耍脾气。17 Be decisive even if it means you’ll sometimes be wrong. Timing is everything in advertising. 即便 你保证的事情是不正确的,还要理智,有主见。

在广告业中,时间就是一切。18 Be bold and courageous with your work. When you look back on your professional life, you will regret the the things you didn’t do more than the one you did. 工作上要胆大激情,要敢探险。


不然如果你叹你的工作中职业生涯时,你肯定不会内疚你没有保证的事情,而不是某一件保证过的。19 Do not overestimate the value of formal education. Most successful adman never had formal advertising eduction. Real work experience is more valuable than any education. 不必小看规范化教育的意义。许多 成功的广告策划不曾拒不接受过规范化的广告学专业文化教育,具体工作经历比一切文化教育更为有使用价值。

20 Eat healthy, do sports. Your mind and body are your only tools available to you. Do not abuse substances. Save them for those critical special times when you really need a boost. 平衡膳食,多保证健身运动。你的心身就是你能运用的唯一的专用工具。不必妄用一些事实根据,把他们储存起来,在你的确务必的情况下拿出来应付紧急事件。21 Don’t take all advice for granted. Pick what’s useful for you. Make up your own rules and change them at your will. 不必把全部的告诫都作为理所应当的真知。




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